Make the best social connections, gather heaps of information, get in--our-office introductions to trusted local resources, and quickly and easily find your dream home.

The San Miguel de Allende Expat Community Resource Center caters to the foreign community and offers Newcomers, Residents & Friends a soft place in a foreign country. We provide members free or deeply discounted, vetted on-site services and referrals:
  • Concierge Services

  • Relocation Assistance

  • Residency Visa Services

  • USA Medicare Consulting

  • MEX Insurance Services

  • Real Estate Advisors

  • Long Term Rentals

  • Legal & Title Services

  • Talks & Classes

  • Social Events & Activities

  • Games Days & Live Music

  • English Language Books

  • Tours & Transportation

  • Medical & Dental Referrals

  • Services Referrals

  • Spanish Classes

  • Discounts & Promotions