The Living is Easy in San Miguel

The Living is Easy in San Miguel

Retiring in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Is it for you?

This large town/small city is an easy place for expatriates to live. A strong infrastructure means access, physical and virtual, is pretty-much problem free.

Decent internet draws those who want to continue working digitally. Excellent toll highways from Texas make driving down (~9 hours) a long but comfortable process.

Two international airports within an hour’s drive make trips back home and visits by family simple. For a big city fix, Querétaro and its giant shopping malls are only an hour away.

And just 3 ½ hours on a comfortable luxury bus gets you to Mexico City.

The expat population of 10-12,000 Americans, Canadians and Europeans that make up 9-11% of the local population, depending on the season, create a community where it’s easy to find your tribe. Making friends is almost. It also guarantees amenities and services seldom found in other Mexican towns of a similar size.