<strong>Higher-Quality Lifestyle but Lower Cost of Living is the Rule</strong>

Higher-Quality Lifestyle but Lower Cost of Living is the Rule

A prime factor in the decision of many who retire to San Miguel is a far lower cost of living than the place they left behind.

Although it’s true San Miguel is one of the more expensive cities in Mexico, it still costs less than any place offering a similar lifestyle in the US, Canada or Europe.

Home costs can vary greatly, with some being close to what you’d pay for properties to the north, but the taxes on that home will be a small fraction.

Rental prices are significantly lower. If you opt to purchase a home, your best option for price and ease of living is to look outside the congested Centro.

There are new planned communities in several areas of town, such as TAO San Miguel at Los Senderos, that offer you peace and quiet, security, extreme comfort, community and accessibility to what you came to Mexico to find.

Unless you insist on buying a lot of pricy imported foods, your grocery bill will be far less than back home too, with access to a rich supply of healthy organic fruits and vegetables, artisan bakeries and cheesemakers, and local wines.

There are more than 300 restaurants in San Miguel, from top-of-the-line chef-centric spots featuring name chefs, to middle-range eateries where a good meal can be had for US$10-20, to market stalls and street food—found everywhere with good food and extremely low prices.

Finally, the availability of household help at reasonable prices is a luxury/not luxury in San Miguel. Even people who never though they could start a sentence with the words “my maid,” generally find themselves with one, plus maybe a gardener or two.