<strong>Excellent Healthcare Options Abound</strong>

Excellent Healthcare Options Abound

The availability of quality healthcare is always a concern when choosing a place to retire, and San Miguel de Allende stands up well on that front too.

There is a small but good quality private hospital plus a public hospital in town. A top world-class health center, ready to handle any specialty, is just an hour away in Querétaro.

English-speaking doctors and dentists abound, many of them trained in the US and Canada, but with prices a fraction of their northern colleagues.

Most prescription drugs are freely available, and at much lower prices.

If you are considering retiring abroad, now or in the future, you should definitely schedule a visit to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

You may find yourself a part of that now-famous cliché—the visitor who starts gazing at real estate ads and looking up Spanish classes. Once bitten by the magic of San Miguel, it’s hard to leave. And you’ll always want to come back.

Why not come and make it home?