Cost of Living in San Miguel de Allende

Cost of Living in San Miguel de Allende

The low cost of living carries over to daily expenses and monthly bills as well. Rents start at about $500 per month for a two-bedroom apartment for a long-term lease. This will put you on the outskirts of the historic centro. Keep in mind that during “high season,” from January to April, it is very hard to find a monthly rental and prices do go up. If you’re interested in living in the city at that time of year, it’s best to reserve a place early.

Local markets offer fresh produce in a lively atmosphere at a low price. A retired couple could fill their fridge with fruits and veggies, plus meat and chicken, eggs…whatever they want, for about $25 a week. With the pleasant climate, there’s no need for air conditioning or heat, so electric bills are low.

Going out is cheap too. Even at “high end” restaurants you won’t break the bank. It’s hard to spend more than $40 to $50 per couple for a nice meal with wine and pre-dinner cocktails.

Here’s an example of a monthly budget for a couple living in San Miguel de Allende:

 Expense  U.S. $
 Rent (two-bedroom apartment) $800
 Electricity $50
 Gas & Water $30
 Cell Phones (x2) $40
 Groceries & Household Items $300
 Mercado $70
 Insurance $100
 Internet $60
 Streaming Media Accounts $45
 Property Tax $22
 Dining Out $100
 Taxis, Buses $40
 Monthly total: $1,657